Do you like to party? Do you like your drinks served out of hollowed out tropical fruit? If you answered yes then The Hawaiian Islands should be your favourite band. After years of dominating the party circuit and getting tropical all over the place, the guys have just wrapped up recording their new  album and have given us a bit of a special treat today.

Not only can you hear some of the new tracks as an album teaser, BUT, the band have also put all of the teaser tracks up for a FREE download! Make the most of your day and download your copy of the tracks now by clicking HERE

Hey coconut heads! We have a new album coming out and as a sweet tropical treat, we would love for you to download these 5 tracks now for free. Just enter $0 in the pricing box and it’s yours for no charge – just share the link with your friends and help us out! 

If you like what you hear, then you will want to go on over and pre-order the whole album….it’s like a ripe fruit salad for your ears! Get a taste!




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