How good is that feeling when you stumble across something that you weren’t expecting to find. Whether that might be finding a cheeky $20 note in your jeans from the night before, or even slipping down a secret tunnel in Mario Brothers to a cave full of sparkly coins and mushrooms. Either way it’s always nice to get a little surprise when you least expect it. In this instance, it was a case of discovering a talented young pop punk band from Bendigo that could produce a sound that I certainly was not expecting to hear.

When I received a blank disc with nothing but “To The Rescue” written on the front I had absolutely no idea what I was about to hear. As soon as this hit my stereo I was instantly blown away with a powerful and exciting sound that hits you straight in the face the second the first track kicks off. Explosive drums and a perfect mix of guitars that work together beautifully to create the feel and energy for everything you’re about to hear. Standing out front of this giant wall of sound is a strong blend between clean, and raspy vocals, that just simply cut through the mix. I was even more impressed after finding out the whole thing was tracked in someone’s lounge room. Singing about everything that you would expect from a classic pop punk band, ex-girlfriends, lying, cheating, and of course just having a good time and doing stupid shit with your mates. Drawing on their own life experiences and giving the listener a chance to relate with the lyrics is always a great way to gain fans and they have done this well to allow people to connect with their songs. This is definitely not your standard local pop punk band, these guys have produced a massive sound that is mature and polished. It’s good to see there are still bands out there that play with feeling and that is a huge credit to these boys for producing such a great bunch of tracks.

I had never heard of these guys before I got my hands on this demo, but I can say that I was instantly hooked into these songs and I am definitely a massive fan. The only disappointment for me is that there are only 5 tracks, so I am really looking forward to see what these guys get up to in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that if they keep following along this path they will turn heads in the music scene. It looks like there will be some exciting times ahead for To The Rescue.

Demo 2012 can be downloaded for FREE HERE

To The Rescue on Facebook

Rating: 24 / 28 Days




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