Going back a few years now, i’m sure most people in Australia would remember the advertising campaigns by tourism Queensland featuring the slogan ‘Beautiful one day, Perfect the next’. We’ll to us southerners, they weren’t far wrong were they. The combination of of the warm weather and beaches, with a few theme parks thrown in for good measure sounds, like a good time in anyones language. While this may seem like the perfect way to spend winter if you live in the southern states, it cant always be fun and games, and watersides. Like all good things, they eventually have to come to and end. While some endings might be welcome, like the end of a terrible movie, or a long plane ride, there are many things that end that aren’t so pleasant. There’s being fired from your job or kicked out of your house, but the ultimate end for any human being is the day that you pass away and leave this world. Funerals are a sad time for even the most strong of us, yet in a twisted way, when we heard the track ‘Funerals in Queensland’ from the new Idylls album for the first time, all we felt was excitement and the urge to break everything in sight.

When we first got to hear Idylls last year, we were blown away by what we heard. This band had came out of no where and smashed out an insane sounding seven inch records. Now the guys are back for more, and this time we are being treated to a full length album. There’s no waiting around for these guys to get onto things, picking up exactly where they left off with the seven inch. Once ‘Funerals in Queensland’ kicks in, it becomes obvious that in the last year, these guys have stepped up their game. With their chaotic style, this is a huge sounding album. The clarity that the band have been able to capture on this record takes things to another level, and and allows you to sit back and enjoy the ridiculous talent that these guys all have with their instruments. The tracks ‘Violent Caves’, ‘Heavens Transistors’ and ‘Teenage Noose’ provide a short, yet violent, explosion of awesome song writing that will leave your head pulsing to the beat of a frantic blast bleat. After that little stretch has got you all fired up, ending with the more laid back ‘Susy’ finally lets give you the chance to wrap your head around the chaos that has just unfolded before you head straight back in for round two.

While we already thought quite highly of this band after their debut recording, Idylls have once again blown us away with Farewell All Joy. We have mentioned that this is an album and features ten tracks, but this is a very short album. That said, this is just the right length for a band of this intensity, and gives you just the right dosage of craziness that will get your blood pumping, while stopping just short of the point where you end up breaking everything in your house. Fans of this genre are going to love this band, and it’s no surprise that their fan base is expanding at a rapid rate.

Farewell All Joy is out now through Monolith Records and Tenzenmen.

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Rating: 24 / 28 days





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