Earlier this year while out on tour, our friends in Marathon had an incident in motoring which saw them damage their rented van at the time. While luckily no one was injured during the incident, unfortunately the band has been left with a hefty repair bill they need to cover.

Local Melbourne artist and member of heap of bands such as Encircling Sea and Carbs, Dase Beard, is helping the guys out by auctioning off some of his artwork to raise some funds for the guys.

I’m selling four original drawings that were part of that art I did for At Dark’s forthcoming 10″

Marathon had a van stack on tour earlier this year. Fortunately no one was injured but they’ve incurred a MASSIVE insurance bill, out of all proportion to the damage done. If you’ve ever played in a band that’s traveled you’ll understand how much hire companies will screw you over something like this, how crippling and disproportionate the bill can be, and how easily such things can happen despite all attempts at safety. 

The drawings are all around 12 by 24-ish centimeters . They were done with pencil and various inks on cartridge paper so there’s some variation in the colouring thanks to pen strokes and the like. I’ve taken close up photos of each one to convey that. You’re not getting a perfectly colour balanced print of the image. You’re getting something way better: the original, pulled straight from my sketchbook, and the only one in existence. 

I realise I’m not a big famous artist or particularly good or original anything like that, but I wanted to help my friends out and figure getting something hand made is a cool way to do that. I spent an average of eight or ten hours on each picture so you’re getting something that I put a lot of effort in to and I hope that makes it that little bit more special. 

Or no one could bid on this and I could look like a total dickhole. Either way. If we even get $20 together for Marathon then it’s been a success. 

So, you can comment on the picture you like with your bid. If you wish to bid anonymously or aren’t on facebook you can email your bid to dasebeard at gmail dot com and I’ll update it for you. 100% OF WHAT YOU PAY WILL GO STRAIGHT TO MARATHON. I’ll take care of the shipping myself. 

AUCTION ENDS AT 3:00PM MONDAY 16th JULY 2012. You don’t have to pay me on that date, but would need payment within a week. 

Thanks heaps for caring, for liking these silly things I draw in front of the tv, and helping some good people out of a shitty situation.


Head over to the Event page on Facebook and make a bid on one of the four pieces HERE




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