Pretty much everyone has had that one point in their life when they were faced with that awkward situation of “the drunk friend”. So you’re out and about enjoying yourself and then all of a sudden out of nowhere you’re grabbed from behind. Embraced in some kind of headlock that resembles something similar to what you would see Hulk Hogan giving to some steroid pumped monster in spandex jocks., they then proceed to speak all those magical words of wisdom and untapped knowledge about life directly into your face from literally 2 inches away. Now at this point you think to yourself, I don’t care if this is the most profound thing ever to be spoken by anyone in the history of mankind, the truth of the matter is that all you can think about is how much their breath smells like shit! You might even say that it smells like a breath of stale air. Which just happens to be the name of the new album released by Local Resident Failure.

Since getting started in 2007, these talented Newcastle boys have finally released their debut album. After releasing a handful of EPs and touring extensively around the country with some highly respected acts in the music industry. Local Resident Failure decided to hit up various studios across Australia to produce this epic 15 track face punch. An intensely driven bunch of songs with a humorous and witty outlook on life. Providing the listening audience with a little social awareness and a few cheeky lyrics to make you crack a smile. From the second the first riff hits in “The Opener” you can tell these guys know exactly what they are doing. There is definitely a sense of energy that shows through in the recordings which gives you a great feel for each song. Overall it is a very well-rounded album that builds from start to finish and is packed full of catchy chorus melodies and driving riffs that just keeps you coming back for more.

For me this is one of those albums that draws you in the more you listen to it. Pretty soon you will find yourself turning the volume up, shaving yourself a mo-hawk and getting your punk on! Already with previous success on Triple J as a featured artist, and a bit of airplay, it would be pretty safe to say that only bigger and better things are to come with this album, and for this band in the future. So if you are into bands that play fast, loud, and that get your blood pumping then this is the album for you.

A Breath of Stale Air is available now through Pee Records.

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Rating: 23 / 28 days





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