Around a year ago I had my first encounter with Army of Champions. They had made their first trip to Melbourne for some shows, and the first of these was being playing in my lounge room. Like most people that night, I watched these guys play a ripping set and walked away very impressed with what I had just witnessed. Since that time, we have been keeping a close watch over the band, and with their new album ‘Animal Verses Man’ just being released, these guys were a well deserving recipient of our Chucking a Mosh Band of The Month for July.

We have been a band since 2009. In 2011 we were lucky enough to meet Greg from Arrest Records Australia who offered to release our first ep ‘if only just to hold’. For the year following that we focused on playing a heap of shows and writing what would become our first album… which is what we now present to you all as ‘Animal VS Man (on the road out of Lowtown)’

“We are so proud to finally release what we have put an enormous amount of our muscle, skin and flesh into for the past 12 months or so. We really feel like what we have created is an album of not just a collection of songs… but something of blood & soul. ‘Animal Versus Man’ was recorded and mixed by our friend B2 at Opus Den Studios in Brisbane and is a soundtrack of experiences in the form of full bore rockers, mid-paced sing-a-longs and quiet slow dancers.

Pick up your copy of ‘Animal Versus Man’ from Arrest Records NOW by clicking HERE




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