It’s been while between whiskeys for Sydney’s Between The Devil And The Deep (who will hereby be referred to as BTDATD for the rest of this verse for the sake of my word count), 3 years in fact since their last release, a 7″ entitled ‘Upstream’ and in that time things have seemed relatively quiet from the surface. What people may or may not know is that in that time, the band had written and scrapped a whole album, recorded and lost half an album all the while tending to family commitments and still trying to get what would eventuate in the band’s debut record ‘Paper Spine’. For many bands in this situation it would be a case of being stuck “between the devil and the deep blue blue sea” so to speak, but as it would appear however, the wait has been well worth it, and BTDATD have emerged from the shadows with a record they can be very, very proud of.

Comparable to the band’s ferocious live show, Paper Spine is a frenetic and emotional ride through 12 calculted and near perfectly executed post-hardcore opuses. Kicking off with the build up opener ‘Last Request’ and swiftly sliding immediately into the second track and single ‘God Hates The New Facebook’ there is little to no fucking around on this effort. BTDATD showcase their frenetic energy and pace over the record’s 40 minute duration in style. Its heavy, its melodic and its aggressive, but the band are not afraid of dynamic and to pull back from time to time, which allows them to build up to some truly intense moments throughout Paper Spine.

As with their previous release, the band once again put Lachlan Watt (I Exist, Lungs) at the production, recording and mixing helm, and utilized the mastering genius of Alan Douches at West Side Studios in New York, so the record sounds undoubtably terrific, but the best part of it’s production is that its not too much. It’s huge when it needs to be, it’s minimal when required, and it gets the point across perfectly.

Fans of bands the likes of At The Drive In, Bear Vs Shark and Bullet Train to Vegas and anything generally emotive and intense will definitely find something to get excited about on Paper Spine, this is definitely a record to check out and Between The Devil And The Deep are most definitely a band to get behind and see destroy a stage near you.

Paper Spine is available through the band.

Between The Devil and The Deep on Facebook

Rating: 25/28 Days




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