Since way back when I was a little tacker, like most young boys, I was into kung fu movies. They were not only a great way to entertain yourself for a few hours, but they were also a great way you could learn a few cheeky little moves for the next time you were having a bit of a fight with your brother or the kid down the street. Now there all sorts of crazy takes on these movies, from the Bruce Lee type brutality in Enter the Dragon, through to the more family friendly 3 Ninjas, there is something for everyone in this genre. While this was looking back a few years now, in more recent times I have been more interesting in the stylings of people like Quinton Tarantino and his Kill Bill series. Not only did this have some brutal deaths, but in one crazy act, we saw The Bride escape being buried alive through a series of one inch punches. While this was a violent brush with death, that burial, has nothing on the brutal new album from Buried in Verona.

Since the release of their debut album a few years ago now, Buried in Verona have established themselves as one of the most popular, bands in the country and have left fans hanging for more. With the release of Notorious, the wait is now over and no one is going to be left disappointed. Stepping things up in a big way, Notorious kicks off with the mosh ready ‘Maybe Next Time’, and we straight away have realise that these guys have come out to play with this record. With huge sounding production and a truck load of ridiculously catchy riffs, it’s easy to see why these guys are a fan favourite for the countries youth. While this is a very heavy sounding release, there is a strong melody pushing through and driving each track. Whether it’s through the smooth chorus vocals, or the dirty lead guitar, there is always something going on that will end up stuck on your head all day like a leech on a hikers leg.

If you are into your metal, and moshing is your thing, then Notorious is the album for you. While these guys are always going to be very popular amongst the younger crowd, Notorious is more mature release that will see the band widen their fan base. To be honest, when I first was sent a copy of this album I wasn’t expecting too much, but after one listen, it became very clear that Buried in Verona have really stepped up their game with this album and are looking to compete with the big names in Australian metal.

Notorious is out now on We Are Unified Records.

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Rating: 22/28 days






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