We like nothing more than getting the chance to check out some new tunes from young bands, and today the guys in Eater of The Sky hav just posted up their debut recordings!

After three months of writing, big nights, hangovers and the home studio, EATER OF THE SKY are excited to be displaying the fruits of their now fully germinated loins with a self-titled release available both from their Bandcamp, and in physical form.

Having refined themselves back to a 3 piece at the beginning of the 2012, their technical ability, live energy on stage and dynamic sound is a unique one to have come out of Central Victoria – an area usually known for its gold mining, Chicko Rolls and reputation as the state’s ‘Hoon Capital’.

The current 4-track was recorded and produced by the three lads in drummer Nick’s Bendigo home studio, drawing influences from At The Drive In, Primus, & Fall Of Troy. “It was really good recording with what we had, as it enabled us to focus on the songs rather than the time and money it would’ve taken to record at a proper studio.” says bassist Declan.

Drawing parallels with recent Australian rock machines Mammal, Karnivool and COG, they have started to clock up a tidy amount of kilometers between shows, and plans to spread interstate in the coming months. 

Eater Of The Sky are a band for those that enjoy the intense energy and dynamic found only at live shows.

Pick up a copy of the bands demo HERE




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