One release we can’t wait to get our hand on this year is the new EP from Melbourne’s Right Mind. These guys put out a killer demo last year, and after wrapping up recording recently, the new tracks are almost ready to go!

The band has kindly decided to share a new track with us today titled ‘Architects of Our Fate’, and you can check it out below!

OKAY! So after 30 mins of trying to figure out how the crap to get a new track up on the bandcamp, I finally did it! So anyway this is the title track of our ep called Architects of our fate. Its been a long time coming and we are super proud of this record so please give us all your feedback good or bad! I hope to you enjoy the artwork too! Tirren and myself spent a lot of time arguing about it and he still spelt architects wrong on the front cover so I fixed just before! 





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