Hira Hira are five Sydney boys that like to complain about their lives over the sound of hostile, catchy-punk music. Since 2008, with the release of their first EP, We Are All Xray Pricks No Talent Fuck Off, they have played a dick-load of shows alongside locals and internationals in Sydney and inter-state in a variety of living rooms, established venues and places in the middle of the bush. Their sound is a loud and raw affair.

With a small line-up change, playing some gigs and writing some songs, in January they went out to an isolated property on the far south coast of NSW, along with Mike Morgan from 301 Studios, where they spent a week recording and getting sucked on by leeches.  Here are the bloodied results.

To celebrate the release of the album Now Here Nowhere, Hira Hira will be playing launch shows in all east coast capital cities through July and August.

The Now Here Nowhere LP will be available at shows, in good independent record stores and via mailorder at tenzenmen and Hira Hira websites.



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  1. not quite out yet – but soon!


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