Back in the day when people lived in castles, life was a hell of a lot different. Luxury items that we have today were still lifetimes away from being invented, and things were a lot more simple. If you did something wrong, you would be killed. Back then men were real men, and fought with their hands and swords. There was no such thing as a gun and men would train for years to be at their peak for battle. While this may have been a more privative time, things worked. The harsh but fair attitude meant you always knew where you stood within the community, and you fought to keep yourself, and your family alive and safe. While sovereignty was rich throughout the world in those times, at the moment the only sovereignty we want to know about involves the crushingly brutal new tunes from Resist The Thought.

Up until mid last year I had not heard of Resist the Thought, but after seeing the band hit the road alongside American metal giants All Shall Perish, and then hearing that they were going to be tracking the new album with Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying, they soon had my attention and I was pretty excited to see what they could put together for this release. Sovereignty is the finished product from the band and we have not been let down in the slightest with this release. In what has been a massive step forward for the band, this is a huge records. The bands ability to take their death metal styling and make it their own has resulted in a violently heavy album where your ears as assaulted with riff filled blast beats and head banging groove sections.

Right from the first track you will be smacked in the face with some killer riffs in Legions and don’t expect things to ease up from their. Playing fast and catchy riffs is what this band is all about ,and after you add in some amazing drumming and crushing vocals, it’s hard to look past Resist the Thought as one of the best bands at their craft in the country at the moment. Given the names that helped with the production of this release, you know that you are going to be hearing one well rounded sounding album. As a bit of a bonus, All Shall Perish front man Hernan Hermida has come in to lay down some vocals for the band.

If you like your music heavy, this album is going to be right up your alley. When you put a bunch of guys that can play their instruments ridiculously well in a band together, and then find out that they can structure song to the point that you are constantly captivated, you know that you are coming across a band that is going to do very well for themselves. Resist The Thought are one of these bands, and there is no doubt in our mind that Sovereignty is likely to feature in a heap of lists for album of the year in another six months time.

Sovereignty is out now through Skull and Bones Records

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Rating: 26/28 days





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