Exactly one year ago today, we launched Chucking a Mosh for the very first time. When we did this, no one involved with the site had any idea that in just one year it would grow into the massive thing that you are looking at today.

While the time has gone fast, over the last year we have been able to achieve things that we never thought that we would be able to do. With the help and support of bands, and music lovers across the country, we have been able to provide a positive environment where young bands won’t be turned away because they aren’t popular, and will be given the same chances as any other band in the country.

We would like to say a very BIG thank you to everyone that reads the site, watches our interviews, listen to bands tracks, every record label that helps us out and every person that goes to shows and supports local talent. Without you people we would not exist.

Chucking a Mosh does not make any profits. Everyone involved with this website does what they do for the love of music, and I would like to thank all of our team members for all of their hard work over the last year. Tammy Butow, Courtney Stafford, Dan Vollmer, Jay Stevens, Dan Bonicci, Dimitri Honroudakis, Cam Tyeson, Leigh Kelly and Matt Hunter.

We are having a massive birthday party next week with a heap of rad bands playing at Laundry in Melbourne, and we would love you to join us. Check out all the details HERE

Head over to our Facebook Page HERE today for your chance to win some FREE tickets to the show, and a heap of other really good prizes.

Thank you for all your support!

Coops and the Chucking a Mosh Team.


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