Since the dawn of time man has looked up and the sky at the stars and been intrigued. This intrigue soon lead to the great space race to see who could stick a man on the moon first, and blew our minds when it actually happened. Once this happened things got a bit silly with a few guys trying to play a bit of golf, and getting about on some crazy buggies all around the place. Having now claimed ownership of the moon, man is now out to reach more planets across the galaxy to claim as their own, but the distance we need to travel to make this happen is holding us back. I remember when I was a young, we were always promised teleporting machines in the near future, but like many people, I am sitting at home disappointed that this still hasn’t happened. Imagine the money you would save on petrol once a series of time portals open up across the world, and universe. Now we have blown your mind with the possibilities teleportation will bring, it’s now time to have your mind blown in a completely different way by introducing you to the amazing new album from Melbourne metal veterans, Ne Obliviscaris.

Ne Obliviscaris are in no way a new band. These guys have been working hard to perfect their craft for around nine years now, and while there has been significant downtime in that period, it has all been worth the wait to hear their long awaited debut album. Clocking in at around 72 minutes, don’t think that for a second that you are going to loose interest with this album. Ripping straight into things from the first track, this album is an experience, and one very worth spending the time to listen to. Enforcing their own take on progressive metal, Ne Obliviscaris are not your average metal band. Combining highly technical guitar and drum work with the beauty of the violin, these guys have forged out their own heavily European influenced sound that will set them apart from most bands across the world. While Portal of I may only contain seven tracks, almost all of them clock in at around the ten minute mark and take you on a journey that will captivate even the harshest of critics.

The word ‘Epic’ is thrown around a lot these days, but in my time writing reviews, I don’t think there has been a band more deserving of that title. This album has everything. From the shredding guitars, to the blast beats, to the violin and and clean singing sections, this is one hell of an album. The bands song writing abilities cannot be questioned, and to top things off, the live show Ne Obliviscaris unleash on their fans is a whole other experience that every fan of the band deserves to witness for themselves. While Portal of I has left an mpact on us, now we only hope that we don’t have to wait another nine years for the bands next album.

Portal of I is available now through Welkin Records and Code 666

Ne Obliviscaris on Facebook

Rating: 26/28 days





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