When you put together a band with a heap of blokes from other really good bands you know that you’re going to be hearing something pretty amazing. This is exactly what has happened to form Melbounre’s Thorns. This band is stacked with guys that you will be more than familiar with, and today they have just announced some big news.
Broken Hive Records are going to be releasing Thorns self titled debut EP on Friday June 15th. While this is huge news for both the label and the band, we have even more good news about this release.

While you can currently pre order a copy of the CD along with a limited shirt by clicking HERE, you can also pick up a copy of the release for FREE from the Broken Hive bandcamp page.

This EP is set up as a name your price release, so if you do want to pick up a copy and give the guys a couple of dollars for their efforts, i’m sure they would appreciate it.

Click HERE for Pre Orders

Click HERE for the FREE download





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