Exciting news is leaking through today about the Casadeldisco Records 10th anniversary party which will be happening at the Tote where we will get to see some ripping old, and new bands hitting the stage!

Book your airfare’s, bus tickets or start walking as New Zealand’s favourite punk rock sons, SOMMERSET are playing Melbourne ONLY for our party weekend!

Joining Sommerset will be Melbourne’s much loved intellectual heart breakers BLUELINE MEDIC who are also graciously coming back together for the Friday night show.

Although in semi-show-retirement while they write their second album, HARMONY agreed to play one more show of 2012! This won’t be Tom’s last show as some other band of his might play at our party on the Saturday night. 

Instrumental magicians MARGINS will begin the proceedings.

Who know’s what could happen on Saturday 21st July! 

Pick up your tickets for the show HERE and join the Facebook Event page HERE




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