We are incredible proud to today be adding yet another member to our sponsored athlete ranks with the introduction of Chris Halesworth from the world of Sprintcar Racing.

A little while ago we found out that one of our young fans was more than a dedicated local metal fan, he was actually a highly skilled Sprintcar Driver. Chris has a list of achievements a page long and while he is still only early in his career, he has a massive future ahead of himself.

Top things off, Chris is a huge fan of Australian music and has been a longtime supporter of Chucking a Mosh. We couldn’t be prouder in welcoming Chris onto our team!

Who are you? 

Chris Halesworth

What do you do? 

Race Wingless Sprintcars

What is your greatest achievement? 

Winning state Titles in 2009 in Karting, Wingless Sprintcars 2010/2011 Rookie of the Year , Finishing 5th in the Championship in the 2011/2012 Season.

Who is your favourite Australian band past or present? 

Past would have to be Fester fanatics, Mindsnare (good to see they are planning a comeback), Tenth Dan, Nothing Sacred and Dawn of Retribution.Present – King parrot, Desecrator, Toe to toe, Sewercide, The Worst.

Where’s your favourite place to Chuck a Mosh? 

The NASH Geelong!



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