We are very exited to be introducing our first sponsored artist today in Carlos Araujo from Crowned Kings. After spending the past few years perfecting his bass playing in the dominant At War With Gods, Carlos started up a second band with some other talented members of the Melbourne Hardcore community, and Crowned Kings was born.

After a heap of shows, Crowned Kings are now on the verge of releasing their debut album which is set to blow the minds of fans all over the country. We could not be more happy to have Carlos as a part of the Chucking a Mosh team after all his hard work in both his bands and helping others within the music community.




Who are you? 

Carlos Araujo

What do you do? 

Play bass for Crowned Kings.

What is your greatest achievement? 

Getting to tour the country and overseas playing the music I love.

Who is your favourite Australian band past or present? 


Where’s your favourite place to Chuck a Mosh? 

In the kitchen while my housemates try to cook dinner.




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