This week we have a very special version of Moshcast to share with our listeners. For this edition we will be doing a Midnight Funeral Special Edition where Craigos has come into the studio to have a chat with Jay about all things Midnight Funeral.

Not only has Craigos dropped in for a chat, but he has put together a pretty killer playlist featuring a number of his top releases for all to listening to featuring bands like Milhouse, Pro Team, Mid Youth Crisis, Shotpointblank and a heap more!

If you want your band to get involved in Moshcast, you can and he will take good care of you.

Chucking a Mosh ‘Moshcast’, which is put together by crew member Jay Stevens, is a fortnightly downloadable podcast which will bring you new music, news highlights of the fortnight and interviews. We will be introducing new segments as we get rolling and end each show with a bit of a special treat for listeners.

Our Midnight Funeral Edition of Moshcast is ready for you to stream/download below so get to it!!

Special Edition Moshcast, co-hosted by Craigos from Midnight Funeral Records.

Urns – Pine Box

I Exist – Invert The Son

Suffer – No Time To Co-Exist

Seduction – Black Cranes

Milhouse – Uncanny Valley

Mid Youth Crisis – Mid Youth Crisis

Pro Team – 40/40

Marathon – One Month

Abraxis – Among Deep Waters

Shotpointblank – Empty Words

Darren Gibson – Tom and Gracie

Carpathian – Who The Fuck Taught You Snaps?




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