It’s the start of a new week and what better way to kick things off than with our latest episode of the Chucking a Mosh Moshcast!

Our latest episode include tracks from band like Warbrain, Between The Devil and The Deep, Dearly Divine, Skyway and a heap more. Plus we end things one a ripping Classic Mosh from some Melbourne punk rock royalty.

Chucking a Mosh ‘Moshcast’, which is put together by crew member Jay Stevens, is a fortnightly downloadable podcast which will bring you new music, news highlights of the fortnight and interviews. We will be introducing new segments as we get rolling and end each show with a bit of a special treat for listeners.

Episode 4 of Moshcast is ready for you to stream/download below so get to it!!


In this Episode:

Fires Of Waco – “The Journey Slow”

Hoodlum Shouts – “Guns Germs Steel”

Darren Gibson – “Lost”

Skyway – “Bright Eyes Never Die”

Dearly Divine – “Roads (Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads)”

Between The Devil and the Deep – “Over The Counter Culture”

Handball Deathmatch – “Solitaire”

Vultures – “11:11”

Warbrain – “Alone”

Bateman – “Like Clockwork”

Bateman – “Thievery”

The Construct – “2AM”

Mayweather – “Walk Away”

Mid Youth Crisis – “Life Plan From Birth”




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