It’s that time again, that’s right, a new Moshcast is online and ready for you to listen to! Our latest instalment features bands like Caulfield, Stolen Youth, Berserkerfox plus an exciting new segment where we take a look at a young band from around the country.

As always we end the show with yet another classic mosh, this time from an infamous Adelaide band.

Chucking a Mosh ‘Moshcast’, which is put together by crew member Jay Stevens, is a fortnightly downloadable podcast which will bring you new music, news highlights of the fortnight and interviews. We will be introducing new segments as we get rolling and end each show with a bit of a special treat for listeners.

Episode 3 of Moshcast is ready for you to stream/download below so get to it!!



In this Episode:

Caulfield – “Come Sunday”
Up And Atom – “Out of Breath”
Sugar Army – “Hooks For Hands”
The Bennies – “Acid On Me Brain”
Storm The Shores – “Guilty By Association”
The Storm Picturesque – “There Will Be Fog On The Shore Tonight”
Graft Vs Host – “Black Gold”
Paper Arms – “Bricks and Mortar”
Parkway Drive – “Blackout”
Stolen Youth – “Fear Amongst The Masses”
BerserkerfoX – “The Monopoly”
I Killed The Prom Queen – “Sleepless Nights and City Lights”




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