The time has come for Episode 2 of Moshcast to be unveiled!

In this episode we have a heap of good new music, Jay catches up with Tyler from Luca Brasi, and as always we have another Classic Mosh to end the show.

Chucking a Mosh ‘Moshcast’, which is put together by crew member Jay Stevens, is a fortnightly downloadable podcast which will bring you new music, news highlights of the fortnight and interviews. We will be introducing new segments as we get rolling and end each show with a bit of a special treat for listeners.

Episode 2 of Moshcast is ready for you to stream/download below so get to it!!


In this episode:

1. A Sleepless Melody – “Heart in Hand”
2. Let Me Down Jungleman – “Who Knows”
3. Darren Gibson – “The Window By The Stairs”
4. Bateman – “Scalpel/Sledgehammer”
5. Trophyknife – “Longer Days”
6. Smith Street Band feat. Jamie Hay – “Making The Nouveau Riche”
7. Monuments – “I’m Gonna Need A Broadsword”
8. Waiting Room – “Celephais”
9. Luca Brasi – “Theme Song From HQ”
10. Luca Brasi – “Southbound”
11. Milhouse – “We Need A Long Holiday”
12. Urns – “Blood Crimes”
13. Day of Contempt – “Drain”




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