Back at the start of this year we made some promises that this year we would be bringing our readers some big and exciting new features to Chucking a Mosh. Today is the day that we start delivering on this promise.

Today we are launching our Chucking a Mosh ‘Moshcast’. The Moshcast which is put together by crew member Jay Stevens, will be a fortnightly downloadable podcast which will bring you new music, news highlights of the fortnight and interviews. We will be introducing new segments as we get rolling and end each show with a bit of a special treat for listeners.

Our first Moshcast is ready for you to stream/download below so get to it!!
 Moshcast (Episode 1, 2012) by Moshcast
In this episode:

1. Sinking Slowly – A Death in the Family
2. Carnal – 4ARM
3. Hollow – Northlane
4. Historys End – Hoodlum Shouts
5. Clouds are Gathering – Circles
6. Water Colour – Verona Lights
7. 20,000 Leagues and Counting – Raise The Stakes
8. Plug Your Feet – Hightime
9. Risk and Reason – Fires of Waco
10. Hardest Part – Hazards
11. Trouble – Aitches
12. This Night Creeps – Shadow League
13. Profit – Japan For
14. Jack the Knife – Mindsnare




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