To truly understand this weeks review, I’d like you to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine you are walking through the middle of the desert. It’s boiling hot and you are dripping sweat. Your muscles are aching and your thirsty and dehydrated, and you would do just about anything for a beer and a cigarette. You finally come to the top of a sandy hill and over it, to your wildest delight, you find an oasis! The most beautiful oasis, with palm trees housing exotic birds, and surrounding a crystal blue watering hole. You are overcome with excitement and you run for it, imaging how great having a swim in that water is going to feel. Suddenly, you realize that there is noise coming from within this hidden paradise. As you get closer, it gets louder and louder until finally you realize that the sound you are hearing is a fucking party in the desert! There are people everywhere, free beers on ice, and a guy in a Hawaiian shirt and sea captain hat grilling Mexican food for everyone. And to top it off, there is a bitchin’ punk rock band totally killing it! That band would probably be Hightime! You may now open your eyes.

Hailing from Adelaide, Hightime are fast receiving local hero status, and after taking their super fun and high energy show on a few interstate jams as well as having scored some pretty solid overseas supports, the word is definitely spreading! The band’s debut full length is called Ishi Prende, and it is an absolute cracker.

On the surface, Hightime are a ska/punk band. But don’t expect Reel Big Fish covers. The band use a variety of influences, from reggae to jazz to thrash to 90’s style melodic punk to craft their own unique take on the genre. The shift in dynamics from lightning fast punk rock to smooth dub-esque moments and everything in between works perfectly and has made this record one of the most diverse Australian punk releases of late. The record stays upbeat and in your face for it’s duration, and succeeds at staying right away from monotony.

It’s always great to see women getting actively involved in punk rock, and being a female fronted band, it’s refreshing to have a bit of a different perspective on a style of music that is, for the most part, very male-dominated. Lyrically, however, Ishi Prende is incredibly relatable to anyone who’s ever thought about the world, been drunk, broke, in love and out of smokes!

Hightime are one of the country’s most exciting bands. They have breathed new life into a genre that a lot of people tend to write off, and I can only see a big year ahead on the back of Ishi Prende. Keep an eye out for a show at a venue or living room near you.

Ishi Prende is out now through Pee Records.

Hightime on Facebook

23/28 Days
Hightime – Don’t Move Away by chuckingamosh




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