It doesn’t matter where you grew up there is one thing that all kids love, and that is any form of lollies. If you could get your hands on any candy, your day was instantly made. I grew up in a country town and we would search the house for any coins we could find, and then walk an hour to the local shop so we could buy one dollars worth on mixed lollies. This would be totally worth it. Mixed lollies were a goldmine for a kid. Even though you always got some crappy lollies you hated, you got a good sample of things you loved. A few weeks back when we got a copy of the Totally Unicorn, Gay Paris and God God Dammit Dammit split release, I felt like I’d been given a mixed bag of hardcore tracks and got pretty excited.

After spending time earlier this year pissing off the countries youth by making a mockery of Parkway Drive, Totally Unicorn are back firing by providing the opening two tracks on this split. ‘Happy Birthday From The Overpass’ and ‘Kids in Suits’ don’t pull any punches, the band are a renowned party band and this recording lives up to and exceeds all expectations. The tracks are fast and hectic yet you can hear everything going on from the crazy drums through to Drew getting his pants off to maximise his stage diving skills.

If you’re after a different take on southern rock, Gay Paris are the band for you. With their chunky tones, and almost hip hop like sounds in sections, this band provides a refreshing take on a style that has been pushed and pulled in every direction possible. The two tracks we hear on this split provide a good sample of what this bands is all about, and their live show will leave you firmly nodding along whilst amazed at the quality of beards this band has produced.

When a band like God God Dammit Dammit put out new material you can’t help but get excited at what might come out. With the band having over ten members, there’s so many ways things can go. While they have only got around six minutes on this recording to impress you, they have done exactly that and show their diversity and what they are capable of pulling out. With their rocky funk stylings this band’s latest tracks will have you bouncing around the place whistling along to one of the many catchy horns sections and pissing off all your mates.

This split is a perfect example of how bands of varying styles can work together to put out a great release, along with highlighting that the state of music in this country across every genre is alive and living up to its maximum potential. While every band on this split may vary quite a bit in style, there are still elements that tie everything together, and this will lead to people giving a band they have never heard before a good listen.

The Totally Gay Dammit split CD is out now via Totally Unicorn, Gay Paris and God God Dammit Dammit.

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Rating: 22/28 days
Totally Unicorn – Happy Birthday From The Overpass by chuckingamosh




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