I am a co-founder of CaM. I look after all the business side of the site, as well as a bunch of content. The rest of the time i hang out playing Nintendo. When i was about 12 years old got a copy of Master of Puppets by Metallica and SHIT GOT REAL. When i was young i was raised on a healthy diet of Phil Collins and John Farnham, once i got my first metal and punk cds, all i wanted to do was to listen to things that were faster and heavier. This lead to many years of Pennywise and Slayer worship.

Who are your top 3 Australian bands? Mindsnare, Stolen Youth and Miles Away

What’s your favorite/best live show you’ve been to? The Last ever Mindsnare show at The Arthouse

Which upcoming band do you reckon people should watch out for? Luca Brasi. These boys have their debut album out through Poison City and i get the feeling they are going to get pretty big after that. Plus they party hard and drink from shoes.

What’s your favourite place to chuck a mosh? You cant beat a good workplace mosh to release some frustration

Twitter: @cool_your_jets



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