I decide if I think a band’s release is any good or not then write about it in detail. I first got into music I believe in 1996. I was 9 years old and my dear Mother bought me a copy of Smash Hits ’96. Coolio was on it. Rage, Recovery and Punk-O-Rama comps got me on the happy path I’m on today!

Who are your top 3 Australian bands? Stolen Youth, A Death In The Family, The Gun Runners. Taking into account that 28 Days aren’t a band, they are a phenomenon.

What’s your favorite/best live show you’ve been to? Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, Thrice, The Nation Blue – Corner Hotel, 2004

Which upcoming band do you reckon people should watch out for? So Many! Luca Brasi, Strickland, First Base, Palisades, The Union Pacific, Being Amazing, Nice Guys, Declaration, Explosions, Outright, Daybreak, Charging North and whatever Cohen Grant decides to name his new band(s).

What’s your favourite place to chuck a mosh? I will mosh anywhere.



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