Northlane have spent the last 2 years touring constantly around Australia, building up fanbases in regional and city centres without the use of supports or marketing behind them. Their strong focus on technical musicianship and live performance has attracted fans of all walks of life, and garnered the attention of multiple labels. But for the band, UNFD was always where they wanted to be.

“Signing to UNFD has been almost surreal for us,” says Guitarist Josh Smith. “There aren’t many labels in Australia signing bands like us, but UNFD are carving a market of their own and going from strength to strength. Their track record is impeccable and it’s humbling to be on a roster with such amazing bands. We worked so hard, for so long and were picked over for other bands and knocked back on countless occasions. We never let that dissuade us from what we love doing, we kept our heads up and luckily someone recognised that. We’re looking forward to the future with great anticipation and we’re so excited about finally being able to give this album to our supporters who’ve waited so long for it. Thanks UNFD, you guys rule!”

Their debut album, Discoveries was produced by the band themselves, and mixed in New Jersey by Will Putney at Machineshop – the same studio UNFD worked with on The Amity Affliction’s “Youngbloods” record. And the results contain the same heavy-yet-melodic energy that the studio is famous for.

UNFD will release Discoveries on a short turn around of exactly one month – unleashing the monster of a debut on 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011). You can pick up pre orders HERE

Fans can hear the first track from the album “Dispossession” now below


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  1. Ted says:

    Gotta lol at the article on the UNFD site “Northlane epitomises everything that this new breed of Australian hardcore is about”

    They are nothing near or ever will be considered “Hardcore”, its metal/metalcore. I fucking hate all these shitty metalcore bands that think they can call themselves a hardcore band because they have breakdowns?

    Top tip – hardcore bands usually have more beatdowns than breakdowns and don’t use bass drops and shitty synths, bunch of emos.

    You want real Aussie hardcore go check out bands like Phantoms, Blkout, Relentless, Warbrain and Iron Mind.


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