Some rather concerning news has come to light across the airwaves recently, regarding well established youth music-program FReeZA. The long running FReeZA and FReeZACentral programs have helped some 3500 young’uns through various accredited workshops over the years, including mentoring with known industry professionals. In addition, FReeZA events are attended by some 140,000 victorians every year, including the popular Pushover festival and various Battle Of The Bands events.

Victorian premier Ted Bailieu ditched the FReeZACentral program in his first budget, and now won’t say whether he will continue funding for FReeZA.¬†Any Victorian artist or band worth their salt will attest to the huge value of FReeZA events, both for the bands and the young fans. Bringing thousands of youths to see bands in safe, fun environments, their events are often the only way many fans can get close to their favourite local bands without proof of age.
This move could be one of the worst things to happen to the Victorian live music scene.

Show your support for FReeZA on the facebook fan page, which includes a downloadable petition you can fill out and send to the Victorian Legislative Assembly.



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