Melbourne Celtic Punk band The Ramshackle Army are proud to announce that they have secured a deal with Japanese label Uncle Owen for the distribution of their debut independent EP “Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions”.

Uncle Owen, based in Tokyo, specialise in Celtic Folk Punk from around the world and distribute some of the scene’s best known bands including The Dreadnoughts, Paddy and The Rats, Greenland Whalefishers and The Mighty Regis.

No stranger to the Australian Celtic and Folk Punk scene, Uncle Owen are currently distributing releases by local acts The Barons of Tang, The Currency, Mutiny and The Rumjacks.

“Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions” was recorded at 3 Phase in Brunswick, VIC. by Sam Johnson (Mindsnare, Toe to Toe, A Death in The Family, House Vs Hurricane) and mastered at Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream). The EP is the first attempt at transferring the energy of The Ramshackle Army live show to recorded format and includes the full range of punk and folk influences which the band have drawn on throughout the writing process.

For The Ramshackle Army, a band who began playing shows a short 12 months ago, this is the first such agreement struck with an international label.  The band is excited to begin their push beyond Australian waters and into the wider world.

The CD will be distributed in Japan both instore and online at Uncle Owen’s Website (

The Ramshackle Army is currently distributing the EP independently into the Australian market and encourages people to visit their Website or social media links for further information.

“I love bands like The Ramshackle Army, the bands that take risks. It would have been easier for them to use other instruments or to copy the style of one of the other well-known Australian bands. However, they have followed a different approach and I’m sure that this will pay.”  – Celtic Folk Punk Blog (Spain)

“Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions – despite the generally short playing time – owns enough authenticity, diversity and variety in order to act as the first serious exclamation point of the band.” – Celtic Rock Music Fanzine  (Germany)

“Australian Celt-Mosh newcomers The Ramshackle Army are stepping up to the barman and demanding to be served.” – Chucking A Mosh (Australia)



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