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This weeks show of the week features BETWEEN THE WARS releasing their brand spanking new record “The Rats” and to celebrate, we’re putting on one fucking hell of a party.

Joining us on the night are our very best friends in THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY, the best nautical folk band out there in DAPPLEGRIM and the sweet melodies of SHOES FOR STRINGS.

Tickets are $12 pre-sale from (or your loving band members) or $15 on the door. Strictly 18+.

We promise a whole lot of prizes and giveaways, drink specials, and other things as well as the great bands on offer.

Jay from Between the Wars sat down with Gary from The Ramshackle Army last week and this is what we got out of it. Gary’s responses are in bold 

Hi Jay, Thanks for inviting me along to this shared interview as part of your EP launch but i did think as i was your guest you’d be supplying the beer…. *cough* tight*cough*
Well, to be fair, the last time we hung out I bought you a pint and you bought me nowt! Quit your whinging and let’s get to this thing. Crack one open. What shall we talk about? Your love of Timmy Tutone or your secret fascination with hot water bottles?
How long have you idolised me and which of my previous bands do you miss the most?
I’ve probably idolised you, on and off, for about twenty minutes all up. I know, i’m such a fanboy. How long have you been rocking Ray Martin’s hairdo though? How long does it take to put on? In terms of previous bands, I do miss your stint in Iron Maiden back in the 90s. In all seriousness, I fucking loved MDK and I still have the demo on my iPod. What about me? Do you remember my shitty-ass ska bands?
The Alzheimer’s is kicking in but i do remember hazy nights of atrocious skanking and too many black and white checks at Eulogy and Addiction 64 shows… remembering those times in my life makes me shudder. 
Do you prefer to see Scott “Coops” Cooper walking towards you or walking away in that way that only he knows how?
If he’s walking towards me, it better be with some Chucking a Mosh monthly merch – I’m addicted! Failing that, I’ll take a beer. Always.  You guys have hit it big in Sydney in recent times, tell me a couple of war stories. Make ’em special.
We’ve been really lucky and found Sydney very welcoming.  From Blood, Sweat and Beers at the Annandale, to a sold out Factory Theatre for Black Cherry, and most recently last weekend we played Ratfest at the Coogee Bay Hotel with Toe to Toe, Relentless, Frequencies and Homeward Bound (ex Irrelevant & Rex Banner).

We’ve found ourselves on some weird mixed lineups with Punk, Hardcode, Psychobilly and Ska bands but they all go down well.  I think we must be aggressive enough to not be considered too pussy, but party enough to get people moving when they’ve had a skinful.  We always try to chuck in a crowd fave cover or two.

Ratfest was a benefit for the Black Dog Institute, a depression and bipolar charity, and was a tribute to a local surfing personality Itchy Rat who became a victim of his own condition earlier this year.  The whole event had this massive vibe of brotherhood and there were people everywhere for such a good cause.  In tirbute to Itchy the night ended with all 5 bands onstage for an unrehearsed, and subsequently loose as hell, version of Pennywise’s Bro Hymn. A whole crowd plus 20+dudes on stage made it epic.
Do you have any tattoos you regret or make up stories for them being deep and meaningful but you actually don’t remember getting?
I have a couple of tattoos that I regret, especially that one you made me get one October night when you promised me that I could be part of the Ramshackle gang. Now I have Hamshackle inked into my arse cheek for life. I mean, Hamshackle? What? Is it true that you have got through a fair amount of the beers available at Josie Bones?
I’m not gonna lie… i’ve given it a red hot go… but i’m only a fraction of the way through their 200 plus beer list.  There’s some amazing stuff there.  Eventually i will celebrate something significant enough to crack out the 41% Sink The Bismarck.
Your EP is called “The Rats”.  Is it so named because of your well known obsession with the childrens tv show of yesteryear The Rat-Rat-Ratties? 
No, it’s definitely more likely to be named after the Rap Rat. Remember the Rap Rat? Fucking awesome.

Is your favorite part of the EP the bit that I sing?
My favourite parts of the EP are definitely other peoples’ vocal parts. Your bit is fairly good, I suppose. Took you far too long to nail it though. My actual serious favourite part of the EP is one of Jason’s vocal lines in “Lone Pine”.
Do you think politics has a good place in music at the moment? I was thinking the other day about bands like Midnight Oil, who at the time really talked the talk and seemed to walk the walk. Now, I don’t feel like there’s bands that come out and make a massive statement about the world of politics… your thoughts, sir?
Lyrical content is always an interesting topic.  A lot of music these days is so throw away with its subject matter and “getting down with your bitch” or whatever.   Then there’s the opposite and of people writing of whingey topics and how horrible and painful the world is.  There is definitely a place for political views in music and can often add to the feeling and ability to connect with a song.  Bands like Propaghandi and NOFX who can do it tongue in cheek use it well to get a point accross but still keep entertainment value.

The Celtic scene having roots within the Irish plight for independance obviously rings true of politics but bands like Street Dogs still use their music to promote solidarity in the blue collar workforce and union movement.

Personally, i will write something i feel passionate about but can also find the lyrical content of bands extremely lame when they make political statements about topics they feel they should or are trendy at the moment.  I try to be very conscious about these things… thats why, if in doubt, i just write songs about drinking.  
Your EP Launch is at the John Curtain on Lygon St next Friday the 26th.  Do you have anything special planned for it, and is it true i won’t remember getting home that night?
I can’t reveal all the special things we have planned for the night that you aren’t aware of, but fuck yeah we are having a massive one. I believe Polly is hosting the afterparty from 1am… if we make it there. I can’t fucking wait. Gonna be superb. I am.
What is “punk”?
Punk is an idealogy. I don’t take it too much to mean fast-paced bands that poke the two fingers to the establishment anymore – it’s gone far beyond that. For me, the idea of punk is to do things all yourself, flyering the fuck out of shows, organising your records without any real label involvement. A better question is, what the fuck is “asdiuuj”?
What’s “punk” mean to you, then? Everyone seems to have a different idea.
Haha i wrote that question to be annoying.  For anyone who’s spent any time on internet forums its the WORST question known to man.  It means something different to each person and no group of people will agree.  The diffinition of punk which is no longer simply a “style” and “way of life” but a wider genre and a heap of subgenres, changes on a weekly basis.  

Everyone wants to think they’re “punk” and different, and doing something the no one has done before.  The only way to do this is to crossover and reinvent, polluting and redefining the meaning itself.  But guess what, chances are your band is not orginal, other people have done it before, and you should probably just embrace where you’ve come from and just f’n have fun. 
What is the state of Celtic Punk in Australia for the unwashed uneducated scum out there?
There’s some amazing bands out here, isn’t there? Ours, obviously, but also bands like the Rumjacks, the Currency, Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers – it seems like they’ve all just popped up out of nowhere! I love it, and it’s pretty cool that all the bands get on well and support each other by going to each other’s shows and stuff – I remember being in bands in the early noughties and there was just so much backstabbing and shit going on. Fuck that, a scene should be a loyal brotherhood.
What are some of your favourite bands in Australia at the moment? There’s some interesting guys out there, I mean, you and I have friends in local bands like Graft vs Host, Cavalcade and Hopes Abandoned, but what about outside of Vic?
Melbourne has always been a massive melting pot of music and our ability to see bands any night of the week is the envy of every other city in Australia, whether they admit it or not.  Picking favorites is definitely related to how i feel on that day. We have a very strong melodic and pop punk scene with bands like The Gun Runners, Daybreak and The Playbook.  There are some great rockabilly and psychobilly bands around in Doubleblack and The Rechords, and more street punk bands with the awesome The Tearaways.

Interstate we’ve played with some great bands, and apart from those both you and I have mentioned above, I recommend everyone check out bands like Not Ok, Dividers, The Optionals and Epics.  

It really is a great time to be involved in music in Australia.  
Is this the best interview you’ve ever taken part in?
If you were to quiz me on my specialist subject, the Titanic, I would then rank it higher than the interview I did with Eddie McGuire on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
Thanks for your time
The pleasure is all yours.





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